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you'ring your washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> i'm scott smith with nissan sports xtra. the last two weeks the talk around the park has been robert griffin, iii will only play with speed. his rushing line read two carries 4 yards. lindsay murphy has more from philly. >> reporter: robert griffin, iii was back in action today following clearance last night to play on his injured right knee for the first time in two weeks. granted it was a limited
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version of the rg3 this team is used to. mont he got the job done in a different -- nonetheless he got the job done in a different way. >> i felt like myself out there. >> reporter: wearing a brace on his sprained right nye rg3 was limited in run -- knee rg3 was limited in running accounting for two carries and 4 yards, but he made up for his lack of mobility with his arm throwing two touchdown passes and amassing 198 yards through the air. >> i thought he did an ex had not job coming back and not -- did an excellent job come back and not having the reps last week and being able to do what he did today. >> it's not abbreviated with a running quarterback before that or whatever else anyone else wants to say. they call me quarterback because i lead the team. i'm supposed to go out there and throw the ball, assist the ball and hand the ball over to alfred. >> reporter: alfred morris rushed for 91 yards scoring his 10th touchdown of the season. all the teammates of robert were happy he was back on the field.
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>> his willingness to be out there and help his team win. >> once i knew he was suiting up that's all you had to give me. that's letting me know regardless of how he's feeling he's out there with the same meg mentality i'm out there with. >> reporter: -- mentality i'm out there with. >> reporter: they're just one win way from the first nfc east division title in 13 years. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> not only will the skins playoffs hopes be on the line next week against the cowboys, but a pretty remarkable record might be broken as alfred morris gets closer to the rushing record. today morris carried the ball 22 times for 91 yards including a crucial 10-yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter, his 10th rushing td of the year. the sixth round rookie sits just 104 yards shy of holding
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the mantle. he has run at least 113 yards in the game on six different occasions. so it's attainal, but morris doesn't seem too phased -- attainable, but morris doesn't seem too amazed by it. >> being drafted in the sixth round and shouldn't have been drafted, it's coming from where i came from. it's underdogs everywhere. to break that record it wouldn't be enough for me. it would be for underdogs everyone and for everyone that wants to do this but are not able to for whatever reason and i'm just glad i'm able to represent the underdogs on such a huge level. how about kicker kai forbath? he drove another two field goals today, one from 45 yards out, the other from 42. he's now a perfect 17-17 since joining the team back in week six breaking garrett hartley's record for consecutive field
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goals in his career. forbath's golden boot has helped turn the team's season around. >> awesome. i couldn't have asked for a better start and being with guys and having all the trust in them they'll get the ball down makes my job a lot easier. been happy. we've converted on all our attempts so far and take it one week at a time like we've been doing. >> to see a guy that handles himself the right way to have that kind of success, you're always rooting for him. he's a class guy, looks like he's got ice in his veins and believes he's going to make of kick and he has. sometimes the balm has to bounce your way. -- ball has to bounce your way. it did not for the cowboys today. a wrap on the big day next. 
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. easy way into the playoffs for
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the redskins, beat dallas next week, but if the skins lose next week, they will need the bears and the vikings to lose next week. cowboys face elimination because of what drew brees and the saints did today in dallas. 21 seconds left cowboys down 7 facing a 4th and 10, tony romo to miles austin sitting in the end zone. it's a 19-yard touchdown and ties the game. we go into overtime 31-31. saints driving drew brees completes to marques colston but he gets stripped and it's a mad dash to the bouncing football. jimmy graham recovers at the 2- yard line. the next play sets up garrett hartley, chip shot from 28-yard out, saint over the cowboys. dallas 8-7 need to defeat the skins next week to have any shot at post season. john harbaugh and the ravens with a fourth chance to clinch the afc north hosting
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the giants. 1st quarter ravens up 7-0, joe flacco, a perfect pass up the right side to torrey smith. the former terp holds it down at the 1, a 43-yard gain, sets up a flacco 1 yard run. 2nd quarter 17-7, flacco hits ray rice over the middle. the ravens rack up 533 yards and crush the giants 33-14 to clinch the afc north division and home playoff game. giants no longer a factor in the nfc east race. vikings on the road needing a win against the houston texans. adrian peterson held in check just 86 yards rushing today. 1st quarter the vikes christian ponder fakes the handoff and gets a 3-yard score, sets off confetti, imagine -- imaginary.
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minnesota clinches a wildcard spot with a home win next week against the packers. the bears visiting the cardinals in the desert, air 30 christmas spirit. beanie wells -- arizona in the christmas spirit, beanie wells fumbles the exchangget any easi that. fast forward to the 3rd quarter, pass picked off by charles tillman and this is the tillman waltz in from 10 out. 28-13. chicago needs a win over detroit next week to help their postseason chances. so it all comes down to week 17. the skins have hit it out of the park the last six weeks just like that. can they do it again against their biggest rival with everything on the line? the guys weigh in next. 
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if you naught the thanksgiving day game was -- thought the thanksgiving day game was big, it doesn't compare to next week at fedex field. the game has been moved to primetime sunday night. a chance to win the division for the first time since 1999, the magnitude not lost in the skins' locker room. >> i was thinking about that since that clock says 00 and the referee threw the flag, let's go get the cowboys. ain't nothing else on my mind. i want to have fun and take the division. it's just a different situation of being. i'm happy. i'm excited. we'll see what happens. >> this is what it's about, to
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have something to play for to, win the division. going on five years now, so to finally have something to play for at this point of the season is very exciting. so you best believe we will be laying it all on the line next week. >> getting into the playoffs is what it's all about, but i venture to say bragging rights for redskins nation after a season sweep of the cowboys sounds pretty appealing. next week they'll try to do that for the first type since 2005. much thanks to rich dunn and lindsay murphy. thanks for watching washington area nissan dealers sports xtra and have a very merry christmas. thanks for watching. >> thank you for watching your washington area nissan dealers sports xtra.

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